Why is cranberry juice so good for you?



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    Cranberry juice is a highly recommended remedy for urinary tract infections. Hippuric acid is produced in the urine and functions as an acidifier, helping fight bacteria formation on the bladder walls. Cranberry juice contains powerful antioxidants that help maintain the cardiovascular system by lowering bad cholesterol and elevating good cholesterol. It has also been found to reduce tooth decay, avoid respiratory and other infections, have cancer preventing qualities, prevent formation of kidney stones, strengthen bones, and prevent stomach ulcers.

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    Cranberry juice also has many essential nutrients such as Vitamin C and Fiber. Some commercial varieties of cranberry juice may not have as many nutrients as fresh juice due to the pasteurization process. Its beneficial to make your own pure cranberry juice to avoid the added sugar and processing in commercial types.

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    Cranberry juice is really good for urinary tract infections, as said before. I has a lot of antioxidants and numerous health benefits come from drinking it. But don’t kid yourself into thinking that you are being healthy by drinking the Ocean Spray “Cranberry Cocktail”. While yummy, this drink is loaded with sugar. If you’ve ever actually tasted pure cranberry juice, you know that it is extremely bitter. I was unhappily surprised the first time I had 100% cranberry juice, but it is much better for you. I found that if I mixed it in a half water, half cranberry ratio it was much easier to drink. 

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