Why is crabgrass so hard to get rid of?



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    Crabgrass is hard to get rid of because of the large amount of seeds it spreads. Even though it only lives from spring to fall, it spreads quickly and is able to return the next year because of the seeds it has spread. Removing crabgrass when it starts growing will delay the spreading. This can be done by pulling it up by hand, and keeping grass 3-4 inches in length, which inhibits growth of crabgrass because of the amount of sun it needs. There are also chemicals that can help get rid of crabgrass.

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    Most all grasses – not just crabgrass – has a growth point below the soil, and is thus hard to “kill.” Grazing, and even wild fires, usually only remove the leaf tissue. The ‘heart’ of the plant, however, remains intact. See the link below for more information.

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