why coral reefs considerer to be one or our most priceless anf highly threatened natural treasure



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    Coral reefs are so valuable because they are home to a lot of marine life–25% of all marine life, according to the NPCA. They form over the course of hundreds or thousands of years, yet are easily destroyed. According to the WWF, coral reefs “provide nurseries for many species of commercially important fish, protection of coastal areas from storm waves, and are a significant attraction for the tourism industry,” suggesting that the protection of coral reefs is beneficial to mankind.

    Coral reefs are nurseries for many People often refer to coral reefs as the “rainforests of the sea.”

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    This article (http://coralreef.noaa.gov/aboutcorals/values/) estimates the value of coastal coral reefs around $30 billion annually — this is a sum of their value to tourism, conservation efforts, biodiversity, and fisheries. People are drawn to coral reefs for their vibrancy, and, like letusgambol said, they’re important because of the massive number of species that live in them.

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