Why is the coral reef and its eco system so important for the health of the oceans?



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    There are several reasons why coral reefs are so important. The main one is that they are home to 25% of the animals and plants that live in the ocean. Without the reefs these animals and plants would have no where to live, nothing to eat and no where to hide in order to protect themselves from predators. Therefore coral reefs protect the diversity of life in the oceans, keeping multiple species of animals alive. This not only helps the eco-system of the ocean, but also helps to sustain life for humans who live on coastlines and rely on the ocean for food.

    Coral reefs also act as a barrier against the strength and power behind the ocean’s waves by absorbing part of their energy. In doing this they prevent coastlines from being eroded too quickly.

    Another more modern use coral reefs have is that they help with the economy in terms of tourism. Many holiday makers visit coral reefs to see the diverse wildlife and simply the beauty of the reefs themselves. This helps bring attention to the fact that climate change is killing the coral reefs and educating people about what they can do to keep coral reefs alive for the good of the ocean and mankind.

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