Why is controlling runoff so important to the health of our water systems?



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    Well, say that the runoff is from an area where someone uses a lot of pesticides and weed killers. That water will become contaminated by chemicals, and when it goes into lakes and oceans and water systems, it will bring all those toxins with it. These are sometimes harmful to fish, and sometimes, the chemicals get stored in the fish, and when we catch that fish to eat it, we get a lot of chemicals in our system. Besides that, many of these chemicals are difficult to filter out of water during cleaning processes, and the chemicals end up in our drinking water, or soak into the ground later and infect wells. This is why a good drainage system and runoff control is so important.

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    Because runoff often contains pollutants. Litter, oil, and other hazardous chemicals wash off roads and down strets, where they pollute our waterways.

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