Why is contraception bad in Catholicism?



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    Because the roman catholic church believes it is morally wrong to use contraception with the intention of preventing conception and only permits natural methods of birth control. The church teaches artificial contraception is wrong for a number of reasons, one of them being that it is against ‘natural law.’  Note that Catholicism’s standpoint comes from the church’s teaching and interpretations of the scriptures. Christian sects hold differing opinions on the matter of contraception due to their interpretations of the scriptures.

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    I think it is more because it debases and undermines the establishment. The church is all about preservation and keeping of social and economic statuses. Contraception is a radical idea that is far beyond what the church is capable of controlling. It is all about power and the church detests science for that. 

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    Not only do Catholics think that contraception is wrong because it interferes with and stops a potential human life from being created, but also because asking a woman to take oral or physical contraceptive prevents an essential part of her womanhood from being expressed. To them, asking a woman to temporarily sterilize herself constitutes a rejection of one of the most vital parts of female self-identity, which is both disrespectful and hurtful to the woman in question.

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