Why is composting good for the environment?



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    Composting is so beneficial for the environment because it helps mightily with managing waste. Organic waste such as food residue and yard trimmings account for 26% of the US municipal waste stream, which ends up in landfills. By composting, you can not only reduce this waste, but it also creates a rich soil that you can reuse to grow food and other crops. Refer to the EPA’s site below for more info.

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    Edmccoy does a great job of explaining the main benefit.

    I just want to point out that using compost for fertilizer instead of chemical fertilizers is also very good for the environment. Chemical fertilizers can pollute groundwater, damage soil by making it acidic or infertile. They can also damage grass because they are very high in salt. Chemical fertilizers are also not very healthy for people and animals (go figure), so by using compost instead, you are doing everyone around you and mother nature a favor.

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