Why is coal so harmful for the environment if it comes from the ground?



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    The biggest problem with coal is that when it is burned, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. As a solid, coal stores partially decayed organic matter, and therefore large amounts of carbon, which we would prefer to remain in the ground, rather than the atmosphere. As you probably know, carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, which works toward trapping heat in the atmosphere and thereby contributes to global warming. If we could replace the carbon stored within the earth as quickly as we are emitting it to the atmosphere, coal may not be considered “bad”.

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    The emissions from coal are natural to be on the planet.  The planet naturally has a carbon cycle and so on.  In fact human respiration is a part of that cycle.  Its the fact that we are emitting far too much of it and we are destroying the natural cycle.

    So yes it is “natural”, but so is dietary fiber and you wouldn’t want to use an entire tub of fiber supplement at one time, would you? 

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