Why is CO2 bad for the environment?



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    CO2, or carbon dioxide, can actually be good for the environment. Humans inhale oxygen, and exhale carbon dioxide, which is good for plants.

    However, CO2 is a greenhouse gas that absorbs heat. When there is too much CO2 in the atmosphere, it absorbs too much heat, which may be one of the reasons for global warming.

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    CO2 is a natural part of our environment and without it, life on earth as we know it may not have formed.  Without CO2 in our atmosphere we would not have a greenhouse effect.  The sun’s energy comes through our atmosphere, most of it is reflected back out to space by our atmosphere, some of it is absorbed by the earth and some of it is absorbed by the atmosphere.  The energy that is absorbed by the atmosphere is the greenhouse effect.  We would not be able to survive on earth without the greenhouse effect, because without it our planet would be too cold.  However, everything in nature has a balance to it and when the level of CO2 in the atmosphere increases, it increases the ability of the atmosphere to absorb more energy.  This is what is considered to be part of global climate change.  Because of the influx of CO2 in the atmosphere there is more energy being absorbed from the sun, which has the potential to change weather patterns across the globe.  It’s not technically global warming because the influx of energy to our atmosphere caused by an imbalance of CO2 will not simply cause the planet to warm but will have varying affects across the globe, which is why it is called global climate change in the present day. 

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    Carbon dioxide is, in fact, a vital component of the existence of life on Earth.  This is due in part to its central role in plant photosynthesis.  It is also one of the greenhouse gases that have contributed to keeping the Earth’s surface significantly warmer than it would be without their presence.  However, as the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere has increased due to human industry, there is concern about the potential for this greenhouse gas to cause climate change that would actually be detrimental to life on Earth, through accelerated warming. 

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