Why is cloud computing more sustainable?



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    Right now, there is no evidence to support either way how sustainable cloud computing really is.  It is impossible to know how efficient or inefficient cloud computing is, partly due to the fact that computing companies have not released their data.  Some professionals in the field believe that more energy will end up being used because we can access more computing servers than ever before, while others believe we can harness this extra power to achieve other goals (such as heating homes, as is being experimented on in Finland).  All in all, the sustainability of cloud computing can’t be known until enough evidence is built for either argument.

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    In addition to mcvarg1, the benefits of cloud computing seem to be (at least at this time hypothetical).  However, it does offer a level of efficiency to the IT world.  Cloud computing aims to centralize the work load, so as to lower or raise the fluctuations depending on the load.  This allows for systems to decrease when necessary, which is beneficial to companies who are looking to become more energy efficient. Along with this, cloud computing supports programmers and software engineers with creating and coding more efficient applications.

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