Why is climate change driving Mexicans to the United States?



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    Climate change could possibly result in a reduction in crop yield in Mexico, pushing Mexicans into the US. It has been calculated that with every 10% reduction in Mexican crop yields an additional 2% of Mexicans will head northward. This could eventually result in anywhere from 1.4 million to 6.7 million Mexican immigrants. As well, if crop yields go down in Mexico, they’ll more than likely go down in the US (at least in the Southwest), so there may be heavy internal immigration as well.

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    I’m not quite sure that climate change is driving Mexicans to migrate to America.

    The global trend of deagrarianization has caused a shift in people’s livelihoods, and forced many to become more dependent on consumer and urban-based income generation.

    Many of the reasons behind the movement of Mexicans to America are based in increased work-related opportunities.

    See this article to learn more about the Mexican-American immigration relationship. It provides a detailed history and has lots of great information:



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