Why is clear cutting looked down upon so much?



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    Clear cutting has a very negative effect on the local environment and local ecology, it doesn’t take into account any of the environmental ramifications of itself and takes no action to mitigate these damages. It is very much as it sounds, removing an area of forest with no regard to species or ecological systems present.

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    Clear cutting is detrimental to the forest ecosystems for a number of reasons. First of all, the elimination of trees means the elimination of carbon absorbing plants which adds to global warming. Clear cutting also contributes to the loss of animals because of soil erosion and habitat loss. Another side effect of the practice is the loss of fungi and bacteria that help to protect and nurture the soil.

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    Clear cutting can result in a number of negative environmental impacts. Clear cutting removes all the trees in an area, which can destroy the local vegetation, disturb wildlife species, cause soil erosion, decrease local water quality, increase water runoff, degrade local air quality, and create fragmented areas. Clear cuts make it especially difficult for amphibian species to survive since it results in a drier and warmer local climate.

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