Why is Citibank called ‘America’s Greenest Bank’?



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    The title mostly has to do with Citibank’s attempt to make all their branches use less electricity by implementing energy-saving equipment upgrades. Citibank has instituted new computers that are very energy efficient, and have servers that run at 85% PSU efficiency. The company has cut down its call centers from 52 to 24, minimizing it’s energy requirements further. The changes in company policy has reduced the energy costs by 73% in server and cooling power, and boasts to have saved 300 tons in carbon dioxide. Upgrading some 300,000 PCs for company has been a daunting task, but it has placed them at the top of the “America’s Greenest Banks” list by Bank Technology News.

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    Citibank is listed as America’s greenest banks. The Greenpeace reports show that IT is responsible for a large number of carbon emissions yet it can also be a tool in reducing the carbon footprint o fcompanies. IT is exactly how Citibank became one of America’s greenest banks.

    The Citibank implemented changes to their IT hardware. According to BTN, over the past five years,  Citicbank was working on consolidating their 52 data centers and reducing it to 24. By doing so, the banks save 73% in energy and a reduction of 300 tons of carbon dioxide.

    At the end of 2010, every Citibank employee received an energy efficient computer. The company also has good policies in recycling cell phones and other gadgets. To add to their green practices, Citibank also works with e-waste vendors on zero landfill policies.

    Other companies that have been acknowledged for their green practices are Citigroup, Bank of America, Johnson Financial Group, First National Group of Omaha, New Resource Group, and 3rd Federal. It is great to see how companies are changing their ways and becoming more environmental. They are the leaders in showing other companies how they can go green and save money.

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