Why is Chlamydia a growing problem for koalas?



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    Chlamydia is transferred through birth, mating, and possibly through fighting.  A common complication of Chlamydia in koalas, among others, is infertility, which makes them unable to reproduce, decreasing their numbers over time.  It is also thought that continuing habitat loss and threats such as dogs and cars increase the incidence of symptoms.

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    Chlamydia causes chronic infections in koalas. The infections occur in the urogenital tract and the respirotary tract. These infections can cause numerous problems such as infertility, blindness, and death. Some possible explanations of how it became such a growing problem is through the introduction of infected mammals to Australia. During the 1980s, the fertility rate of koalas dropped to as low as 15 percent. 

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    Chlamydia is primarily an intracellular bacteria causing chronic infections. It is mainly infected by two species of Chlamydia i.e. Chlamydophila pecorum and Chlamydophila pnuemoniae. C.pecorum is the dominant among the two. It causing chronic diseases like PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease),cystitis and nephritis in Urogenital tract and Keratoconjuctivitis (preventable blindness) in Eyes. Due to reproductive diseases the number of animals have been drastically declined especially in SEQ. Because of the blindness caused by ocular infections, the animals die due to dog attacks or car accidents while crossing the roads.

    Interestingly, there are different strains of C.pecorum infecting these animals. In some cases, few animals have been infected with more than one strains. 

    Due to chronic infections caused by chlamydia, it is sometimes very hard to detect them by PCR.

    Finally, it so sarcastic to say that koalas are dying because of stress rather than disease.


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