Why is childhood obesity so prevalent in the US?



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    I believe that the consumption of the standard american diet and an increased level of inactivity among children is contributing to the obesity epidemic. The standard american is high in carbs, sugar, and fat. Although the food pyramid stresses the importance of eating the required amount of servings of fruits and vegetables, it is shocking to learn that both adults and children are not eating enough fresh fruits and veggies on a daily basis. Because of the economic demands and constraints that are placed on families, more rely on meals that consist of alot of fast food. It is also surprising that 95% of the population is dehydrated! People to not drink enough water, which is critical in maintaining a healthy weight. In addition, the level of inactivity among families has grown; more children are spending alot of time in front of the T.V., computer, or a video game console. To treat child obesity, in my opinion, we need to begin properly educating the public on nutrition. There are so many people that don’t really know how to eat healthy. We also need to encourage more activities that include physical fitness so that parents and children can be active together. I believe that it has to be a joint effort among parents and kids to live a healthier lifestyle.

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    the prevalence of childhood obesity differs between urban and rural populations. Rural children tend to be more obese than urban kids due to unhealthy diets, lack of exercise, and more importantly a lack of immediate health facilities. Rural families tend to be less educated and poorer than urban folk, lacking proper untrition education. The lack of road infrastructure, limited options for food stores and higher prices also create a more obese child population.

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    To elaborate on what nellieliz4 and JoseB said, lack of exercise is a huge problem. Children today are being driven to school instead of walking. When they do participate in a sport, they are driven there as well. In the past, parents were less concerned about letting children walk to school on their own because they perceived the world as safer. Today, there is a movement to get students walking again known as the “Walking School Bus.” If one or two parents walks a large group of children to school, they can save other parents time dropping their kids off at school and reduce their carbon footprint as well. Then, when the children are older and must travel longer distances, hopefully they will still be fit enough to ride bicycles to school. Plus, they will have built a network of friends so that they can watch out for each other.

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