Why is Chevron’s ‘We Agree’ drawing a lot of criticism?



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    Focus has been brought to Chevron’s “We Agree” campaign by a simultaneous launch of a forged campaign which makes a farce out of the company’s multi-million dollar campaign. This fake campaign launched by a group called The Yes Men brought the fact that Chevron’s conversation with itself was out of step with the very real complaints currently being brought against the company.  To complicate matters for Chevron even further, the fake campaign which was released hours before the original, was at first taken to be the actual campaign by the media.

    During a campaign which was supposed to rehabilitate the company’s image, light was instead shed upon a billion dollar law-suit being levied against the company in Ecuador.    

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    Many feel that it is hypocritical and ridiculous for a company that makes its profits from nonrenewable, polluting resources to spend millions of dollars on an ad campaing attempting to highlight their so-called ‘green’ practices. The campaing was subject to mock and parody from various groups, including the Yes Men. 

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