Why is the Chevrolet Volt getting so much criticism?



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    In 2008, the general motors was concerned about how the US EPA would test the volt to see the fuel economy rating. This controversery would determine whether to use gasoline. The volt should be a hybrid and should be used as an electric car only. General moters concludes that, EPA’s current test with the volt were not suitable for being classified as a hybrid. 

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    I have heard mostly positive things about the Volt. However, there is some talk that Chevy (and other affordable car manufacturers like Nissan) may be intentionally working some sort of planned obsolescence into the car to make it break down after five years so that it can make electric cars look bad and go back to producing all-gas cars, which break down after eight years. In reality, electric cars are very durable and one motor can last a person a lifetime.


    More recently, the Volt has been having trouble with its Lithium-ion battery pack. Lithium-ion batteries have to potential to catch fire if they are not accompanies by a computer chip to prevent them from overheating. This problem has been solved by laptop manufacturers, Tesla, and people who manufacture Lithium-ion batteries for converters. So, there is no excuse for Chevy to make an unstable Lithium-ion battery pack.

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