Why is cast iron such a good cooking material?



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    Cast iron pots tend to heat more quickly, stay hot longer, and have none of the possible health concerns surrounding Teflon pots. Also, I know this is anecdotal, but my mother would often say that even if you scrape a cast iron pot while cooking, the worse you get is iron-enriched food (which is often a plus because I, at least, always tended towards iron deficiency). For more information, see previous green answers.

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    Some other reasons that cast ron makes such great cookware, are that the cookware itself can be produced with a fairly low level of technology.  You can season your cookware to prevent it from rusting and also to provide a non-stick surface.  They also diffuse and retain heat better – which is good for long-cooking stews.  A huge plus for using cast iron is that it’s virtually indestructible (for cooking) so you can definitely re-use it for many, many years.  I still have some from my mother’s cast iron pans, although I primarily use Staub cookware (enamled cast iron) since I tend toward an excess of iron already.  

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    Unlike almost anything else, cast iron gets better and better with age. The times it is used and seasons the more non-stick it becomes. Then, you don’t need to buy a new one, and we could all (especially the environment) probably benefit from buying fewer things.

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    You can safely use cast iron cookware on an open flame.  Most of us don’t need to worry about such things because we have electric or gas stoves in our homes, but if we are camping, or if we experience a power outage, or some other such situation that renders our stovetops unusable, we can cook with iron skillets and pans over an open flame and they’ll come out of it just fine.

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