Why is cast iron a good cooking material?



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    In terms of cooking, cast iron skillets are generally considered to be a superior tool than other pans for a couple of reasons. At the site below, David Cho has laid these reasons out in a rather tongue-in-cheek manner (I would recommend it, he’s very convincing). In summary, cast iron skillets get very, very hot and are capable of retaining that heat for a long time. This is especially important when cooking meats. Also, the heat is evenly distributed throughout the pan, unlike thinner pans such as ones coated in Teflon. Even heat distribution is crucial in cooking to prevent getting sick from undercooked foods and to prepare a delicious meal that is evenly heated and cooked. Finally, the cast iron skillet can be used in many different ways, from on the stove-top to inside the oven. Because it’s made all from one material that is heat-safe, you don’t have to worry about plastic handles melting.

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