Why is carbon dioxide so toxic?



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    Carbon dioxide is toxic as it decreases the pH of our blood stream, causing something called the Bohr effect. This occurs when the hemoglobin is unable to bind to oxygen molecules, which of course affects the body’s ability to deliver the oxygen to our cells. The oxygen deprived cells cannot function properly and will eventually die. Carbon monoxide is much more toxic to our bodies however, as it interferes with the hemoglobin directly, leaving no space for the oxygen to bind to.

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    I answered a similar question the other day. Here’s my answer:

    CO2, or carbon dioxide, can actually be good for the environment. Humans inhale oxygen, and exhale carbon dioxide, which is good for plants.

    However, CO2 is a greenhouse gas that absorbs heat. When there is too much CO2 in the atmosphere, it absorbs too much heat, which may be one of the reasons for global warming.

    Read more: http://greenanswers.com/q/217014/climate-change/greenhouse-gas-emissions/why-co2-bad-environment#219915#ixzz1DWkrCIXK

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