why can’t you feed rabbits lettuce?



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    Lettuce causes diarrhea in rabbits.  Other food, such as rhubarb, raw beans, cauliflower, apple seeds, peach pits, cabbage, potatoes, and corn, are not safe for rabbits to eat.  They can cause illness, and in some instances, death.

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    Diarrhea will dehydrate a rabbit. It can lead to many medical problems. If your rabbit has diarrhea and hasn’t been eating lettuce, it could have been caused by an intestinal parasite. You can test for parasites by taking a stool sample to a veterinarian.

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    Lettuce causes diarrhea in rabbits. Furthermore, it is composed mostly of water and has a low nutritional value. It is best to feed your rabbit commerical rabbit chow as this has been designed to provide the necessary vitamins and minerals for your rabbit.

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