Why cant we use nuclear power for everything in America?



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    Nuclear power is great for greenhouse gas emissions, but creates a great deal of nuclear waste.  We already have nuclear waste that is being stockpiled up which poses a threat to the environment and people living close to it if there was a leak out of one of these sites.  Also, vast amounts of nuclear waste in many different areas creates an easy target for terrorists.  Another problem is that even though the risks of a meltdown have gone down significantly since Chernobyl  and Three Mile Island, accidents may still happen creating an even larger danger for those living nearby.  Yet another problem is that the element Uranium which is often used as an energy source in plants is a scarce resource.

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    Quite simply because nuclear power plants create radioactive waste that is both harmful to the environment and to people and we as yet have to way of disposing of it other then burying it underground. This waste can remain dangerous for thousands of years meaning that if we forget where we buried it future generations run the risk of coming across it by accident and getting harmed.

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    And even with the present level of nuclear power generation, the US imports 85% of the uranium it uses.

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