Why can’t we see stars during the day?



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    They’re still out there! However, the sun’s rays are responsible for illuminating the sky that bright blue we all know. This blue light and the sun’s glare glow much brighter than stars, so we cannot see them. If we had no atmosphere around our planet, we would be able to see the stars day and night.

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    You can see the Sun, which is also a star, and it’s light pollution doesn’t let other stars shine. On the moon if you block the Sun’s rays with your hand, wait for your eyes to adjust, you can see the stars during the day. 

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    To put it very simply, the sun is too bright!  Even in large cities at night, you can’t see stars because of the bright lights that are on 24/7.  There are also some stars you can only see during certain parts of the year due to the Earth’s rotation and axis.  Based on all these factors, you only see the same stars every so often. 

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    because the sun is too bright and it covers the stars thats why light pollution from cities makes it impossible to see stars even at night

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