Why can’t we make an electric car?

I see all these articles about students turning this car and that car into electric vehicles yet we don’t have an affordable one on the market.



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    There are currently electric cars available for purchase. These include cars being offered for sale by Tesla Motors. In fact electric cars have been around in some form for over a century, with the first crude model being built in Scotland back in the 1830’s. The question of why electric cars are not available on the mass market or produced by any of the big auto companies is another matter. This inability to build an electric car is probably due to the shortsightedness of the auto industry and the power of the oil industry.

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    Volkswagen to unveil new electric car at IAA

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    The emergence of the electric car has been slowed by the powerful oil industries who seek to dominate the industry of automobiles and transportation. With the advent of the going green movement, consumers want more of a selection for electric cars and there is now a vast market for the electric car as well.

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