Why can’t I eat off the Fiesta Ware I bought at an antiques shop?



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    Though highly collectible, antique Fiestaware dishes are known to be somewhat unsafe for eating. This is because several colors of glaze contained toxic chemicals like lead and uranium. The red glaze contains up to 14% uranium, for example, and this original color was discontinued in 1973. Anything prior to 1960 is considered slightly radioactive.

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    Well that depends on the year the Fiestaware was made, but since you probably won’t know then it’s safer just not to eat off it. The issue is that from 1936-1943 and from 1959-1969, some glazes on Fiestaware contained high levels of uranium. Although the company said the uranium was de-enriched, a geiger counter will still give high levels of radiation from old Fiestaware. The plate is safe (assuming it’s a plate) to touch and collect, but potentially dangerous if you were to put really acidic food on it. This may bring out the uranium and cause “an ingestion hazard.”

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