Why can’t deep sea diver surface quickly?



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    Deep sea divers cannot surface quickly because the body needs to more slowly adjust to pressure changes. There is a lot more pressure in the deep sea than we are used to on land. Rising to the surface too quickly can bring about decompression sickness, also known as “the bends”.

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    Divers breath gas under pressure which is disolved in the blood. Sometimes the gas is compressed air and other times it is special diving mixtures conating oxygen and other gases. This is because prolonged breathing of Nitrogen under pressure can cause Nitrogen narcosis, a kind of drunkenness.

    As the diver ascends the gas tries to escape from the blood and if he ascends too quickly it will form actuall bubbles. this si waht causes the bends. Ascending slowly allows time for the gas to escape and equalize with exteranl pressure as he rises.

    Normally, sport divers swim under “no decompression” rules, which means that they can stay at certain depths only for specified times. This way, not enough gas is compressed into the blood to cause problems, and they can safely surface at any time without hesitation at various depths to decompress..




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    When you go scuba diving, you experience big changes in pressure during descent and ascent.  Descending too quickly can cause discomfort, particularly in your ears and sinuses.  Ascending too quickly is arguably much more dangerous.  Rising too quickly may cause decompression sickness, a condition in which gas bubbles form inside the body due to rapid pressure changes.  These gas bubbles can cause extreme pain in the joints, breathing problems, and sometimes neurological problems.  

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