Why can’t animal organizations join together to really help animals?



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    Each animal organization tends to focus on a specific type of animal because it is hard enough dealing with one species’ specific environmental status and needs, all while abiding to a certain country’s laws and regulations. Because of how much variance there is between organizations, it would be way to difficult and impractical to simply all “combine” into one. The closest thing to being a group that helps to solve any animal would be the World Wildlife Fund, but even they have subcategories.

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    Different groups have different agendas.  The Humane Society advocates pet adoption, while PETA thinks any pet separated from its original owner and home should be euthanized.  As long as the groups have different messages, they will join together.

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    Each has different interests and concerns so joining together may not be a good idea. They may have different styles of organizing things and addressing concerns. There may be a conflict of interest or a clash between the groups that may not have the same perspective. They are separate for a reason and should probably stay that way. They have different histories, goals, and aims that may not serve the interest of one another.

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