Why can you take out the tonsils?



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    Tonsils are small lumps at the back of your throat. They are filled with lymphnodes that are part of antibody creation. There are many lymphnodes throughout the area of the throat. However, it has been found that most of the lymphnodes in the tonsils create antibodies that are for diseases that are no longer common in today’s world. It is now believed that tonsils formed in the human body during a time when these diseases were much more common and difficult to treat, such as worms. In fact, it is accepted now that tonsils can be detrimental to a humans health. Tonsils cause tonsillitis, or sore throats. They can also become enlarged to the point of having difficulty to swallow or even breathe. Some adults have had problems with sleep apnea. Tonsils can also be locations for sever tumors such as lymphoma.

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