Why can the production of electric vehicles be potentially hindered?



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    While electric vehicles are much more efficient than vehicles that run on fuel, there are risks and hazards that follow their production. In fact, Fisker Automotive recently had to recall a number of their Fisker Karma electric vehicle models manufactured from July 1, 2011 to November 3, 2011. Due to improper positioning of a hose connector in the cooling system for battery packs, the vehicles presented safety issues and fire hazards. Technology is still fairly new in the manufacturing of electric vehicles, so further testing could hinder the production speed.

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    Unlike shaunabannan says, electric vehicle technology is nothing new.

    Two words: Planned Obsolescence. This means that the automotive industry is purposefully sabotaging their products or producing substandard products to make more money. Planned obsolescence happens in the production of automobiles across the board, not just electric vehicles. Members of the Electric Auto Association who have converted their own electric vehicles several years before production models were released beleive that the reason that the automotive industry was dragging its feet was that it was trying to work some sort of planned obsolescence into the vehicles. Since electric motors practically never break down, the automotive industry had to get creative. I asked my transportation economics professor about this, and he agreed that this was definitely case. So, if you want an electric car that lasts, make your own.

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