Why can owls see so much better at night?



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    Owls forwardfacing eyes help owls with depth perception. Their eyes are very large, helping them to see better with less light. The tubular shape of the eyes also aids in their night vision.

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    There are specific aspects to the anatomy of the eye that is unique to owls, and enhances the way that the eye collects and processes light.

    -Owls have a very large cornea and pupil.  The larger the pupil, the more light is allowed to pass through onto the retina.

    -The retina of an owl has an abundance of ‘rod-shaped’ cells that are more light sensitive than ‘cone-shaped’ cells.  ‘Cone’ cells are sensitive to colour, therefore owls have better vision in low light than many animals, however they lack colour recognition which is associated with ‘cone’ cells.

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