Why can I get fruit year around when its only ripe certain times of the year?



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    Because non-seasonal fruit is shipped from different places with different seasons – there is actually a large carbon footprint of these non-seasonal fruits and vegetables, and it is one of the reasons people are encourage to eat local food.

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    That depends on where you live. If you live in a place where it’s pretty temperate, you’ll have better access to fruit. Certain fruits only grow during certain times of the year, and in specific places. Take raspberries for example. Raspberries grow best in the summer, but they can also grow in the fall in the right climate. The reason you can get fruit all year is because it is grown elsewhere, where the climate is right for that particular fruit, and it is then shipped to your area. That is why the fruit is best when it’s grown during its specific time of year, but you can still get it where you live.

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