Why is California’s proposition 23 controversial?



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    Many previous answers in the link.

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    California’s Prop 23 was so controversial because it would have put AB 32 on hold. AB 32 is California’s Global Warming Solutions act. It requires the state to reduce its carbon emissions by a certain percentage by 2020. Prop 23 was majorly funded by two Texas oil companies who wanted to drill for oil on California’s land. Because California has such strict environmental laws, it is hard to drill for oil. Prop 23 stated that AB 32 be put on hold until the unemployment level was below 5% for three consecutive quarters. This has not happened in California for around thirty years. Prop 23 would have put many Californians out of work and made the unemployment level raise. Prop 23 was advertised as a bill that would give people jobs, but it in fact would have taken them away. Thankfully, Prop 23 failed this last election. Thank you California!


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