Why is the California climate law so controversial?



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    The proposition actually kills climate control laws temporarily, until the unemployment rate improves.  It is controversial because of that specific reason: killing the environment to save jobs.  No person or collection of people’s jobs are worth an entire country’s (and in effect, the world’s) health.  The first citation is an article on the defeat of Prop 23; the second cite about the prop itself.

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    The California climate bill, known as AB 32, has been controversial because it has been claimed to cost California 1.1 million jobs, cause increased expenses for families and small businesses, and cause the California state deficit to increase. This is because AB 32 sets a goal to reduce carbon emissions to 25% of the current rate by 2020. As a result, Proposition 23 was put to voters who sought to correct this bill by delaying its implementation until the state’s unemployment rate stayed below 5.5% for four consecutive quarters. Thankfully, this proposition was not passed by voters.  

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