Why is Bush trying to seem greener now that he isn’t president?



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    Because he doesn’t have to play to the industry leaders to stay in power anymore. He can do whatever he wants and being greener goes along (or should go along) with his religion. 

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    When Bush II was in office, he transferred an absurd amount of power to the executive branch of government. He was able to subvert all kinds of legislative and judicial obstacles that normally prevent Presidents from having a clean sweep of government. This was most notably achieved through the infamous Patriot Act, but also through a general sort of either highly apathetic or highly mobilized feeling pervading certain groups throughout the country (and notably the legislature) that gave him an enormous amount of political capital (where he truly derived his power).

    Now, answering this question does require a certain amount of speculation, given that only ex-President Bush really knows his motives here. But I suspect that, given what I said early re: exec power, if Bush attempted to progress green initiatives while he was in office (ie when he had tremendous, unprecedented legal power and thus the capacity to do anything about green issues), it would have been seen as a radical departure from his carefully constructed legacy, violating sacred tenants of his neoconservatism such as deregulation, corporate freedom, freedom of choice in the market (to buy whatever you want regardless of green value, etc). Since his presidency depended much more on selling his ideology rather than selling his actual performance (which was legendarily terrible), punching holes in any one of these tenants by supporting greeness would have lost him a lot of political capital with his powerful, mobilized base.

    Now that he’s out of office and doesn’t have that tremendous power, the base has moved on (really, stopped effectively caring about what he says or does) and no longer pressures him to maintain that rigid ideological structure. So either his personal PR team is urging him to go green to salvage his public image, or he’s just finally able to speak his mind about these issues for the first time in years. Depending on what you think of human nature, you can decide which of those seems more likely.

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