Why is ‘bottom trawling’ harmful?



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    Bottom trawling is a harmful fishing practice that involves dragging heavy nets, attached to large metal plates and rubber wheels, along the bottom of the ocean floor. Bottom trawling is harmful because of the damage that is caused to not only the ocean floor, but also to the marine life that reside down there. Evidence suggests that deep water marine life take a long time to recover from the damage caused by bottom trawling. 

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    Bottom trawling, the process of dragging a fishing net along the sea floor, can be quite harmful. In fact, bottom trawling accounts for 95% percent of the damage done to seamount ecosystems. Bottom dwelling organisms, like sea coral, soft seapens, sea spiders, and sponges, are especially in danger of this commercial fishing technique. The rubber wheels and metal plates that are attached to the fishing nets drag along the ocean floor, destroying everything in their path. Organisms that fall victim to this technique are particularly slow to recover, if they do at all, taking hundreds of years.

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