Why is the border security so much greater in Mexico than it is in Canada?



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    Mexico has been expelling a huge number of illegal immigrants into America. The poor working conditions in Mexico along with the recent drug wars has people wanting to get out of there to try to get a better life, so they come into America. Canada does not have so many social and political problems, so they are more inclined to stay where they are. Also, there has been even more security due to those drug wars in Mexico. Drug cartels are smuggling drugs into the U.S. and Americans have been smuggling weapons to the drug cartels which only further assists the drug wars.

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    Although Canadians are certainly considered immigrants, their migration into the United States is less threatening. The shocking truth is that people view Mexican immigrants as potential risks. Some people believe the flood the country stealing jobs and using up valuable resources allocated to Americans. With Mexican immigrants in the country, the American government is forced to examine polices and create polices to accommodate those immigrants. However if Americans can prevent all of the above mentioned from occurring by increasing security on the border they will. Its an easy solution. Ironically as of 2005 Canada has relaxed its policies to allow those Mexican immigrants America turns away into their country.

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    The biggest reason is probably that America doesn’t have a huge influx of illegal immigration from Canada; this activity comes primarily from Mexico, where violent drug cartels also reside. I believe what angers many Americans most about illegal immigration is that they feel they (the tax payers) are being taken advantage of by having to pay for services and other things for individuals who are not citizens, and who do not lawfully possess the same rights as a born citizen. They view individuals who enter the country illegally to be breaking federal laws and are virtually getting amenities for free that Americans pay for with their taxes. As mentioned in the other comments, the problem with smuggling drugs into the US from Mexico’s cartels is also a big concern, considering the amount of bloodshed that has taken place over the issue. This is a hot topic in the current election for president, and may play a key role in the nominees’ support from certain demographics. 

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