why the ‘blame Obama’ ads on your site? are you right wing group?



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    Websites generally do not have much control over the ads that appear on their pages. They are often generated by words that appear on the site frequently. So, right now, on the page I’m viewing, the ad that’s generated is for tires, probably because we get lots of questions about how to recycle tires. The “blame Obama” ads you saw were probably a product of the fact that many questions have to deal with President Obama’s environmental policy and the BP oil spill, but GreenAnswers does NOT get to pick exactly which ads appear on the site. GreenAnswers isn’t a “right-wing” site; it is an environmental education site. The website does not get to handpick what ads appear.

    Note that the ad that you’re seeing also just leads to an opinion poll about whether or not the President has some sort of fault regarding the spill run by an organization calls Newsmax. I personally would not participate in the poll, since it seems pretty sensationalist. For the record, President Obama did not really have anything to do with the poor foresight and planning that have caused this spill. That was pretty much BP’s fault.

    If you have any more questions on this nature, please contact GreenAnswers itself here.

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