why is nature beautiful?



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    I think it’s characteristic of humans to find nature beautiful. For me, there’s a certain fascination in things that can’t be made. Yes, landscapes can be altered, and flowers can be planted in certain places, and whatnot, but fundamentally the flower grows on its own. Living things can be altered in different ways, but they can’t be manufactured. Even things in nature that aren’t alive have some amount of that sense about them. Things erode and decay in their own patterns.

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    Beauty is something that differs from person to person. Many people find beauty in nature because it is something that could never be recreated and is very rare, for example many people find beauty in the Grand Canyon which is a very unique feature on this planet. Some people also find beauty in nature because it is very peaceful and calming, you can hear birds chirping, water flowing, and the wind blowing through trees, which can sometimes be very hard to hear in a big city. The many colors of nature are also associated with beauty, flowers and sunsets can have extravagant displays of color.

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    Life is fascinating. I think we find life to be beautiful because it is still something that we don’t fully understand. You often hear the phrase the “wonder of nature” and that I think is very representative of how I feel about nature sometimes.

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