Why is Barnegat bay infested with sea nettle?



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    I can’t say why your specific bay is infested, but I do know something about jellyfish infestations. Jellyfish are becoming an increasing problem around the world. They’re stinging more people than ever, they’re taking over habitats, and they have even been known to jam the propellers of fishing vessels off the coast of Japan.

    Why? There’s been debate about this, but more than likely humans are to blame. The first is the reality of overfishing and “fishing down the food chain.” We have severely overfished many of the species that eat jellyfish, sea turtles amongst them, so, naturally, without jellyfish predators, jellyfish proliferate. The second is global warming. Some species are more resilient to temperature change than others. Jellyfish seem to be very hardy, and have no trouble adapting to climate change, in fact they may be primed for an advantage. Furthermore, there is occasioinally blooms of phyto and zooplankton, etc, on which jellyfish feed, because of global warming and coastal nutrification, which creates an ensuing jellyfish bloom.

    Oh an also, scientists prefer to the term “sea jelly” to jellyfish.

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