Why aren’t there more movies like Home?

Is it funding or is it bigger than that.



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    The film Baraka seems similar to me. Judging by the popularity of these two films, I’d say that there are more to come. The non-traditional format of the films has probably kept many similar ones from being financed to date. Also, cinema technology has only recently achieved a level to make it relatively easy to execute this type of breathtaking cinematography.

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    For anyone who hasn’t seen HOME, you can watch it free online at sites like Youtube. It has a very similar feel to the Planet Earth series. There aren’t more movies like HOME mostly because of money and time. It takes a great deal of time, money and traveling to compile that type of variety of footage. Also a movie like that isn’t going to draw as great an audience and revenue as a Hollywood blockbuster or the like. When time, money, and the expected return is factored together, producers may be turned off to informative, environmental movies. It’s great when movies are about the message, but too often they’re about the money.

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