Why aren’t there more compostable product packages (other than SunChips)?

When I walk through the grocery store, it seems like 99.99% of the product packages aren’t compostable. Even 99% of the potato chip packages aren’t compostable. And even most of the SunChips packages aren’t compostable. Why aren’t all the new product packages in the store compostable? Can you imagine how much less waste we’d have if everything we bought at the store came in a compostable package?



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    To be labeled “compostable”, a product must:1. Biodegrade 60%-90% of its mass within 180 days of being placed into a municipal composting environment.2. Disintegrate 90% of its mass into pieces that are two millimeter or less in diameter. 3. Eco-toxicity levels must be less than or equal to a typical set of compost.

    Given the rigid guidelines for a product to be labeled compostable, there must be a cost-prohibitive obstacle in its implementation in packaging. Since the marketability of being environmentally friendly speaks for itself, the only obstacle to consider outside of cost is feasibility – inability to construct compostable packaging for certain types of foods.

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    In addition to the challenges and requirements of constructing a biodegradable bag, consumer attitudes play a large part. Even the few companies that do construct compostable containers must make a product that consumers will use. Enough people complained about about the SunChips compostable bags that they pulled it from all but Original flavor. Increased consumer demand for compostable containers may be necessary for change.

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