Why aren’t steam engines still used today?



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    Steam engines have a number of drawbacks in comparison to diesel or gas engines.  First, steam engines require a long time for the boiler to heat up and produce steam.  Also, steam engines involve many lines of high pressure steam in a moving vehicle (not exactly the safest thing).  Steam engines also used coal which created massive plumes of polluting smoke.  I suppose that steam engines could be cleaner if they used natural gas.  However, it would be much less efficient to heat up steam with natural gas when you could just run the natural gas into an internal combustion engine.  Essentially, steam engines are a lot less efficient than other types of power.

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    Steam engines are actually still used today to help run nuclear power plants.  Most steam engines are in the form of steam turbine engines, and are responsible for around 86% of the electrical power used on the planet.  

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