Why aren’t people doing more things for the world?



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    Well, people in America have become accustomed to a lifestyle that was built to be efficient and sustainable. This is because there was no need be at first, but as populations have increased, we are finding that our Earth cannot sustain this type of behavior. Unfortunately, we do not want to give up even simple luxuries and make small behavioral changes to lessen our foot print on the Earth. In order to get a substantial amount of Earth’s population to start treat the Earth as the finite resource that it is, being sustainable will have to make economic sense. If people are given an incentive to protect the Earth, then they will. 

    As far as the majority of the world goes, poverty is the biggest issue with not doing things for the planet. For an extreme example, if someone has to choose between killing the last of a species to feed their family and starving, then saving the animal species becomes unimportant. This is the same way all throughout the world. It is the reason the rainforests are being cut down. It is the reason fish species are being over fished in the ocean. The unfortunate thing is that these things are more valuable in the short term when they are dead than when they are alive. It is the sad truth. 

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    There are a large number of people who have dedicated their lives to educating, researching, and constructing for a better, and hopefully less polluted, future.  These people are the catalyst for involving the masses and opening eyes to what is going on in the world.  Some people remain unaware to vital environmental issues.  The more research, the more the word spreads.  It is going to take educated the public globally to really make a difference.  Everything must start small, but more people are becoming aware of what needs to be done.  Some will join and help environmental efforts, while others will rely on everyone else to do the job.  The key remains in public awareness.

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