Why aren’t trains more widely used like they used to be? Do they pollute too much?



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    Now with new-found green knowledge and new technology to create greener transportation, people are migrating toward greener ways to travel. Good for us!

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    I think that in the US, people are just frustrated at how slow traveling by train can be compared to taking an airplane. Now, taking the train long distances isn’t any slower than a road trip in a car, and if it were more widely used than car for long-distance travel it would certainly reduce pollution the way that all mass transit does. We don’t have high-speed rail in the US and that’s part of the problem. In places like Europe and Japan where there are dedicated high-speed rail lines from city to city, trains are a much more popular method of transportation.

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    Trains are one of the largest polluters due to exhaust from their diesel engines. The EPA has recently enforced stricter measures on this recently, the slow adaptation for stricter laws in one of the reasons that trains have continued to be one of the largest polluters in terms of transportation. The exhaust from diesel engines emits harmful chemicals which can lead to cancer, and 4,000 deaths per year.

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