Why are winters getting colder despite global warming?



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    Regional weather is influenced by more factors than green house gasses alone. Shifting ocean currents, and jet streams influence the temperature in the water and air by pulling cooler water and air from cooler regions to warmer regions and vice versa. The shift to cooler winters is explained by such a shift in air streams and ocean currents.

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    One common misconception about global climate disruption is that every season will become uniformly warmer.  For this reason, global warming is a misnomer; global climate disruption will alter climates as we know them by causing more extreme weather events (including hot and cold temperatures) and more erratic and unpredictable weather patterns. 

    Additional, cold weather can come from abnormal ocean currents. Many northern regions receive warmer tropical ocean currents that could cease to exist if ocean temperatures continue to warm.  If this happens, northern latitudes will have no source of warm weather in the winter times, resulting in colder overall temperatures. 

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    An example of this would be what’s happening in the United Kingdom. In recent years, the country has been experiencing unusually cold winters. This is happening due to the melting ice in the arctics, which is disrupting the wind patterns that the others have mentioned. Arctic winds are being swept over the United Kingdom, creating colder than normal winters. For more information, please find the attached link at the bottom.

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