Why are we starting to see an increase in farmers markets in the United States?



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    People in the United States today are becoming more conscious of where their food is coming from. Health concerns and local economy stimulation has been mainly at the heart of the movement. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported that the consolidation of medium and large farms around the country, which tend to support single crop agriculture, has led to the growth in small farms (http://organic-farming.suite101.com/article.cfm/u_s_farmers_markets_increase_in_popularity).
    Commercial farming may send their products hundreds of miles before it reaches your plate, and with the awareness of climate change, people have become more interested in less “food miles” traveled, reducing their carbon footprint. This has helped the expansion of smaller, family farms where neighbors can support each other. By buying local, people know exactly where their fruits and veggies are coming from, while the time it takes from “farm to fork” is less and therefore the products may be more fresh and nutrient rich.
    This interest of buying local, or investing in your local economy, is essentially just going back in time to support a more simple, more environmentally responsible time in farming and community.

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    Thankfully, more people are becoming increasingly involved in where their food comes from. The “green movement” has gained momentum and people are realizing the benefits of supporting local organic farms instead of huge supermarkets. The food is better and its not only more eco-friendly to support these people; it also has some social justice undertones- supporting the little guy instead of a corporation. 

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