Why are we making such a big deal about Sigg bottles and BPA?

Doesn’t everything have BPA in it these days.



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    Although it has been known since the 1930’s that there may be adverse side-effects from BPA, it was only in the last few years that government’s have begun warning of the dangers of BPA. This has caused many stores to pull products (like Sigg bottles) with BPA in them. There have been many side-effects in animal studies, such as a complete disruption of ovarian development in some mice and reduced estrogen synthesis.

    The current U.S. exposure limit to humans of BPA is 50 micrograms per kg per day. At these levels in non-human primates there were “adverse neurological effects.” Even at 2.5 micrograms it caused “breast cells predisposed to cancer.”

    The many issues are causing a lot of talk about BPA in the marketplace.

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