Why are we living longer now than we ever have?



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    Scientific advances have helped us understand how our bodies function, and technological and medical innovations have allowed us to maintain better health. Vaccines and antibiotics can prevent deaths by eradicating and treating illnesses. Medical care can repair damaged organs, replace blood, identify ailments, and maintain one’s vital functions, allowing us to be saved – or kept alive longer – from injuries or disease. We understand that proper nutrition and exercise keep the body healthy and alive. In many areas of the world, people can access all the right foods and care they need to sustain into old age.

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    Humans are living longer because we are healthier in old age then we used to be. This improved health in old age is due to public health efforts to progress living conditions, prevent disease, and from improved medical interventions. Over the past 170 years, in countries with the highest life expectancies, the average life span has grown at a rate of 2.5 years  per decade, or about 6 hours per day.

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