Why are we destroying so many of our natural resources?



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    It is clear that we are destroying our natural resources, however this destruction may not be intentional. Many people are not aware of exactly which products and goods they use actually come  from our natural resources. A lot of our cultural awareness comes through commercialism. People are easily persuade by advertisers. Previously a lot of the ads you see were not geared to conserve on care about the environment therefore as a culture we didn’t see the importance. As of late the act of “going green” and conserving has become more popular vocalized, and commercialized. With the commercialization and human effort, we will most likely begin to stop being so destructive.

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    Humans rely on natural resources to survive: whether it is food, water, wood for shelter, metal for tools, or any number of other substances to help make lives easier.  The population is growing at an exponential rate, and in order to support the vast amounts of people, the materials must come from somewhere.  In the past, nature has almost always had a chance to recover from damage.  In recent decades people have become so reliant on the finite amount of natural resources that recovery is very slow or nearly impossible.  It will take a global effort of awareness to help conserve what is left of nature.  It does not appear that destroying our resources is intentional, humans are merely trying to keep up with the huge population increase, and thus demand of natural resources.

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