Why are vertical gardens taking so long to take off?



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    I think that although they are growing in popularity, there are still many people who do not know what they are.  Additionally, it can take time for people to adopt a new way of doing things like growing vertical gardens (green walls) or green roofs, simply because they are not used to them and have no experience with them.  Some people also try new things and give up easily if they run into trouble or donot know the common pitfalls before beginning.I think the use of both green walls and green roofs will grow considerably over the next decade.

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    I think vertical gardens will need a little more time to become better established in the mainstream. Also, as I would imagine it costs more to maintain a garden than it does to maintain a wall, fiscal concerns play a significant role as well. In terms of individuals, I think the idea might be a little daunting. That said, according to this New York Times piece, vertical gardening is currently experiencing a big jump. So maybe give it another decade (or two). Personally, I can’t wait for more building to look like this:

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    Vertical gardens are capital-intensive, and require skilled gardeners/farmers to maintain.  While the idea of a vertical farm tower as part of a new development has appeal for architects and urban visionaries, it requires large amounts of coin to back it, and as yet there are no successful large scale models to emulate.

    Large coin follows successful models.  Someone has to get out there first, and it surprises me that Despommier at Columbia hasn’t been able to come up with backers for developing a scalable vertical farm.  

    Maybe it shouldn’t surprise me in this economy, but either it’s an idea that sounds good on paper and doesn’t pan out under bean counter scrutiny, or people with money are so entrenched they can’t see a promising technology when it’s staring them in the face.

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